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The New Standard in Coffee

Full Immersion Filter


  • 100% Specialty Coffee: top craft roasted sustainable coffee
  • No Machine: simple single serve convenience
  • Ultrasonically Welded: no glue or staples
  • Precision Ground Coffee: consistent water-cooled grinding
  • Guilt-Free Packaging: commercially compostable packs and bags 
  • Steeped Full Immersion Filter™
  • Nitro Sealed for Freshness
  • Just Add Water



Steeped Roast Lineup

Multiple Roasts To Choose From

Every Private Label Steeped pack is dosed with your choice of a fresh, direct trade coffee that's roasted locally in small batches and precision ground to the micron. From Swiss-Water Decaf to French roast, we have the perfect coffee for you.


"The Steeped Coffee Brewing Method essentially enables single-serve cupping, so people can enjoy each coffee the way it was intended." —Specialty Coffee Q Grader


Steeped S-110 Guilt Free Packaging

Certified Compostable Guilt-Free Packaging

Winner of the SCA Best New Product Award for packaging, Steeped's Fully Compostable Guilt-Free Packaging (both Packs and Bags) is the only high performance environmentally responsible option for specialty single-serve coffee.


Ready to go?

Learn more about the only brewing method that combines the quality of specialty coffee with the convenience of a single cup.