Exploring Mr. Espresso and Steeped Coffee's Innovative Collaboration

Enjoy the rich flavors of Mr. Espresso's Oak Wood Roasted coffee in Steeped’s eco-friendly single-serve coffee bags

Nearly 45 years after Carlo Di Ruocco brought the magic of Oak Wood Roasting to Northern California’s shores, we’re marrying that timeless tradition with our time-saving technology.

Carlo Di Ruocco spent years in his hometown of Salerno, Italy apprenticing under skilled coffee roasters and mastering the unique art of Oak Wood Roasting. When he immigrated to San Francisco in the late ‘70’s, he saw an opportunity to share his wisdom and passion for coffee with his newfound neighbors. From his passion for coffee and love for San Francisco, he created the now household name brand, Mr. Espresso. To this day, Mr. Espresso remains as one of the only macro-roasters in the US that still practice Oak Wood Roasting, which serves as a testament to the sustained passion that Mr. Espresso puts into every cup.

In bringing Steeped’s passion for quality and sustainability and Mr. Espresso’s well-honed craft together, we’re entering into a collaboration set to galvanize the single-serve specialty coffee industry.


Why Oak Wood Roasting?

Mr. Espresso is the only macro-roaster in the U.S. to use Oak Wood Roasting, an artisanal slow-roasting method. This traditional roasting technique is said to bring out each bean’s full and rich flavor, yielding a smooth finish. It's a time-honored method that results in a unique flavor profile that can't be achieved with other roasting methods.


Meet the Mr. Espresso x Steeped Coffee Blends:

Mr. Espresso offers two delicious organic blends that pair perfectly with Steeped’s time-saving brewing method: the Golden Gate House Blend and their fan-favorite Seven Bridges Blend.

The  Golden Gate House Blend is a Fair Trade and Organic certified blend that was inspired by the stunning landscapes and picture-perfect sunsets of the San Francisco Bay. It's a blend of dark chocolate, sweet caramel, and fruit-toned acidity that creates a smooth and complex flavor profile.

The  Seven Bridges Blend, on the other hand, pays homage to the diversity of people and tastes in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's a velvety-bodied blend with depth and a complex, multilayer flavor dynamic. This blend is a favorite among customers and chefs alike and can be found at some of the finest dining establishments around the San Francisco Bay Area.


Steeped Coffee

When paired with Mr. Espresso's timeless Oak Wood Roasted blends, you'll experience a full-bodied, smooth, and complex flavor like never before. Just place your favorite Mr. Espresso x Steeped bag in hot water, dunk, and steep to begin your favorite new ritual. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast, an environmentalist, or both, this ground-breaking collaboration has something for everyone. Give it a try today and taste the difference that Oak Wood Roasting can make!


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