Try Our Sample Flight and Just Pay Shipping!


Try Our Sample Flight and Just Pay Shipping!
Fast, delicious, and sustainable

Try the Steeped Sample Flight & just pay shipping!

Get 100% off our exclusive Sample Flight. The Perfect Way to Enjoy Your Coffee Anytime, Anywhere!

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Just pour, dunk, steep. Then sip and repeat!

1. Pour

Place Steeped Bag in cup and gradually pour 8 oz of hot water over the bag.

2. Dunk

Dunk Steeped Bag for 15-30 seconds or longer for added strength.

3. Steep

Steep 5+ minutes. Leave Steeped Bag in cup or until preferred taste.



Unmatched Flavor and Convenience, Brewed with Sustainable Practices


Featuring craft specialty coffee that’s freshly roasted, precision ground, and triple nitro sealed for freshness.


Brew a delicious cup of coffee anytime, anywhere – no pods, no plugs, no machines required.


With a fully compostable inner bag and outer pack, you can drink coffee and defend the planet.


Our Roasts

Steeped Coffee’s darkest blend, Breakwater, is the ultimate smooth operator. This crowd-pleasing coffee has a subtly sweet and rich smoky flavor with just a glimmer of lemony citrus notes.

  • TYPE: Blend
  • ORIGIN: Guatemala, Peru
  • REGION: Various
  • PROCESS: Washed

With its roasty flavor, full body, and deep structure, Steeped Coffee's signature dark roast invites you on a journey to the depths you have yet to explore. The Odyssey Blend bursts with savory and earthy flavors, ensuring all enjoy the ride.

  • TYPE: Blend
  • ORIGIN: Colombia, Guatemala, Peru
  • REGION: Various
  • PROCESS: Washed

An homage to the state Steeped Coffee calls home, California Blend is a classically-inspired medium roast with nutty, chocolate, and roasty notes combined with well-balanced body and brightness. This welcoming blend offers an enjoyable experience, transporting you to that golden state of mind.

  • TYPE: Blend
  • ORIGIN: Guatemala, Peru
  • REGION: Various
  • PROCESS: Washed

Steeped Coffee's Sunrise Blend is the perfect way to start your day. The roaster's signature light roast features the perfect blend of complex acidity with notes of chocolate, toffee, and a velvety body.

  • TYPE: Blend
  • ORIGIN: Colombia, Guatemala, Peru
  • REGION: Various
  • PROCESS: Washed

Steeped Coffee's Eventide Decaf delivers full flavor without caffeine. 100% Swiss Water processed without any chemicals, this single origin decaf balances low-toned flavors with a dash of fruitiness to tie the whole experience together.

  • TYPE: Single Origin
  • ORIGIN: Ethiopia
  • REGION: Harari People's Regional State
  • ELEVATION: 800 - 220 masl
  • PROCESS: Natural

Steeped Coffee's best-selling variety pack, The Lineup, is the ultimate introduction to the Santa Cruz-based roaster. Featuring its signature light, medium, dark, and French roasts, it's the perfect pack to find your favorite flavor.


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Can I add a one-time item to the delivery?

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