A Simple Cup

Steeped Coffee has worked hard to provide a simple cup of quality coffee by using Direct Trade standards for the best beans, hand roasting them in small batches, precision grinding, and nitro sealing for freshness. These small details behind the scenes make all the difference in the final product.

Made in America

Operations, specialty coffee roasting, and manufacturing all take place right here in the Santa Cruz, California area. Quality control, ethics, sustainability, and happy workers are all ingredients to what gives Steeped Coffee its unique character. Made in the USA.

Just Add Water

Machines are more wasteful than the pods that make them. Equipment is hard to carry around and clean. Unplug and keep it simple. With Steeped Coffee, keep it simple; Just Add Water.

Craftman's Quality

Steeped believes that when something is created there should be a responsibility to communicate beauty, craftsmanship, and the care behind each innovation.

Environmental Responsibility

Our Guilt-Free Packaging takes every possible step to ensure that your sacred coffee rituals go unnoticed by the next generation. Each Steeped Single Serve Coffee Bag is made of a non-GMO food grade renewable and biodegradable material.

Perfect Package

Our award winning outer Steeped Pack packaging is made using compostable and renewable materials. Steeped Coffee retail cartons are recyclable and made using 100% recycled materials with a minimum of 85% being from post-consumer materials or recycled fiber (with no virgin materials used).

Ethically Sourced

Every detail matters and our Direct Trade coffee allows us to ethically source each bean through growing relationships and buying practices that far exceed Fair Trade minimums. Steeped Coffee invites you to become part of a community that you can be proud of — a movement that cares for each page throughout its story.

Single Serve Convenience

At Steeped Coffee we give you just that, a simple cup of quality coffee made in minutes, with no machines or equipment needed. All you need is hot water and your Steeped Coffee Bag. Best of all this cup comes sustainably made.