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It's not Instant, It's Steeped

The Steeped Brewing Method is the answer for roasters seeking a single-serve solution that doesn't compromise on taste or convenience. Fresh coffee exactly as you intended it, without the need for machines, crystals, solubles, or freeze-drying.


S-110 Guilt-Free Packaging

Our award-winning S-110 Guilt-Free Packaging is made using renewable and compostable materials that possess outstanding performance characteristics. Our manufacturing proccesses minimize cutaway waste, and all printing is done using eco friendly water-based inks.

"Steeped provided all of the aromatics you’d expect in a freshly brewed cup. Aromatics are a HUGE part of the overall flavor experience. Our customers are loving the option of having a flavorful cup anywhere they go, sans the fuss." -Square One Coffee

Steeped Discovery Program

Discover How Convenient Your Coffee Can Be

Delivering a single-serve coffee experience exactly as you intend it is easy when you're a Steeped Licensed Roaster. To test multiple roasts and get an idea of how your coffee will pair with the Steeped Brewing Method, we offer a Discovery Program to every new roaster.

Ready to go?

Ready to test drive the Steeped Brewing Method with your coffee? With quick turnaround and a Discovery Program requiring as little as 5lbs of coffee with the option to try up to three different blends, it's never been easier for roasters to try the Steeped Brewing Method.