Sustainability in Silicon Valley: Steeped Coffee x The Ameswell Hotel

In the heart of Silicon Valley, The Ameswell Hotel stands tall as a beacon of sustainable luxury and innovation. Under the guidance of Demy Laggui-Mendoza, the Quality Assurance Director, The Ameswell Hotel has forged a path toward reducing its environmental footprint while delivering an unparalleled guest experience. In just two years, the Ameswell has focused on several sustainable initiatives and, defying all odds, is on their way to becoming one of the first carbon neutral hotels in Silicon Valley. This remarkable endeavor, along with their impressive 96% plastic-free achievement, has propelled The Ameswell Hotel to claim its well-deserved title as the greenest hotel in the region. Through its marriage of solar-powered energy, a drive to eliminate single-use plastics, and a steadfast commitment to working with local vendors, The Ameswell Hotel has woven the best aspects of luxury and sustainability through every facet of its operations.

Steeped Coffee Station at the Ameswell


Recognizing the profound impact of the morning coffee ritual on guest experiences, The Ameswell Hotel was resolute in providing a coffee experience that transcended the ordinary. As Demy points out, "people don’t go to hotels expecting great coffee," underscoring a gap in the guest experience that required attention. In choosing an in-room coffee provider, The Ameswell set out to elevate sub-par in-room coffee to rival that of even in-home coffee experiences. Steeped’s innovative brewing method, which brews specialty coffee as simply as tea, proved to be far superior to pod-based alternatives, and immediately captured the guests’ attention in regards to quality, convenience, and sustainability. Instead of fiddling with an outdated coffee machine, guests just need to add hot water, and an exceptional cup of single-serve specialty coffee is effortlessly within reach.


Steeped quickly exceeded The Ameswell’s requirements for quality and surpassed their expectations for overall convenience, but the final test of compatibility focused on alignment with The Ameswell's foundational values of supplying guests with locally-based and environmentally sustainable in-room options. As a Santa Cruz-based roaster, Steeped not only fulfilled this requirement but also brought an additional dimension to The Ameswell’s offerings through its diverse array of regional roaster partners. Ultimately, Steeped's unwavering commitment to delivering premium and eco-conscious coffee experiences was the precise answer to the hotel's quest to provide an authentic local experience. 

Their top pillar, and the hardest box to check, involved a meticulous process of selecting partners that aligned with their sustainability values. As Demy highlights, partners “...have to be eco-friendly. Their [packaging] either has to be biodegradable or reusable." This ethos, again, seamlessly aligned with Steeped’s dedication to sustainability. Steeped's innovative packaging is fully compostable, resulting in a closed-loop system that greatly minimizes the environmental impact of making a daily cup of coffee. Every aspect of a Steeped™ Brew Bag, from single portions to minimize waste to the renewable plant-based packaging, leaves a positive footprint, reinforcing the pursuit of environmental responsibility.


The partnership between The Ameswell Hotel and Steeped epitomizes their commitment to quality, convenience, local authenticity, and sustainability. Steeped's fully compostable packaging helps  The Ameswell Hotel on their mission to eliminate plastics and achieve carbon neutrality by 2024, showcasing the potency of purposeful collaborations in reshaping the hospitality landscape. 

In unison, The Ameswell Hotel and Steeped Coffee demonstrate that convenience and sustainability can coexist, inspiring an industry-wide embrace of mindful practices that enrich the guest experience, while minimizing environmental impact.

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