Steeped Coffee x Mr. Espresso

In the hospitality industry, providing guests with a unique experience is crucial. From the linens to the in-room amenities, every detail matters, and when it comes to coffee – an integral part of many guests' morning routines – exceptional is the only option. Enter the partnership between Mr. Espresso, a beacon of oak wood roasting, and Steeped Coffee, an innovator in eco-friendly single-serve brewing. Together, they’re redefining the in-room coffee experience.

Fellow Kettle Brewing Mr. Espresso

Journey of Mr. Espresso: A Legacy of Oak Wood Roasting

In the late 1970s, Salerno-born Carlo Di Ruocco, with rich apprenticeship experience from Italy's skilled coffee roasters, made his way to San Francisco. With a heart full of passion for the art of Oak Wood Roasting and the bustling energy of his new city, Mr. Espresso was born. To this day, this family-owned brand has remained true to the unique, artisanal method of Oak Wood Roasting, delivering unmatched flavor profiles in every brew.

Why is Oak Wood Roasting Distinctive?

The beauty of Oak Wood Roasting lies in its ability to spotlight the nuanced flavors in each coffee bean. Unlike standard roasting techniques, this traditional method meticulously slow-roasts the beans, unlocking a harmony of rich, smooth finishes and robust aromas. This technique is what sets Mr. Espresso apart, cementing its reputation for offering a coffee experience that is genuinely unparalleled.

Discover the Flavors: Mr. Espresso x Steeped Coffee Collaboration

Dive into the sublime tastes of two organic blends from Mr. Espresso, curated perfectly for the Steeped Brew Bag method:

  • Golden Gate House Blend: A tribute to San Francisco's breathtaking vistas, this Fair Trade and Organic certified blend weave notes of dark chocolate, sweet caramel, and hints of fruit acidity. It's a harmonious blend echoing the splendor of the iconic Golden Gate.

  • Seven Bridges Blend: Celebrating the vibrant diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, this blend boasts a velvety texture coupled with a multifaceted flavor narrative. It's a local favorite and graces the tables of many elite dining spots around the Bay Area.

The Steeped Coffee Experience for Hotels

As hoteliers seek innovative ways to cater to their discerning guests, the Mr. Espresso x Steeped Coffee collaboration offers an enticing solution. Steeped’s single-serve method paired with the rich flavors of Mr. Espresso ensures guests can revel in the luxurious tastes of oak wood roasted coffee, all within the comfort of their rooms. The simplicity? Just steep, savor, and enjoy.

As hoteliers and hospitality professionals, embracing this collaboration means offering an exclusive coffee experience rooted in tradition yet tailored to modern convenience. Allow your guests to start their day with the unparalleled tastes that only Oak Wood Roasting, through Mr. Espresso and Steeped Coffee, can provide.