Luxury Reimagined: Steeped x The Emily Hotel

Nestled in the vibrant West Loop and Fulton Market area of Chicago, The Emily Hotel stands as a luxurious sanctuary, catering to both seasoned professional travelers and corporate guests. Formerly the Ace Hotel, this establishment underwent a transformative change when new owners from Vancouver, Canada, took over. Their original vision for the hotel pays tribute to their Canadian heritage, naming the new establishment The Emily Hotel after the renowned Canadian artist and writer Emily Carr, celebrated for her deep appreciation of the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest.

Originally conceived at the request of Google, the building The Emily Hotel inhabits has been a cornerstone of the area since its construction. Over the years, the surrounding West Loop and Fulton Market districts have experienced remarkable growth, establishing a vibrant culinary hub within the area. Adding to that impressive roster is none other than The Emily Hotel, which features two on-site restaurants, a rooftop cocktail lounge, and a coffee bar. 

The hotel's on-site coffee bar has solidified their reputation as a trusted authority in providing exceptional coffee experiences to their guests. This commitment to coffee excellence made the search for an in-room coffee solution even more particular, ultimately leading to their discovery of Steeped Coffee.

Woman holding Steeped Mug


Transitioning into a new hotel within a rapidly emerging culinary hotspot presents its own set of challenges. The Emily Hotel inherited an existing clientele, and the word on the street was that the previous incarnation didn't offer in-room coffee. As General Manager Zoltan Payerli of The Emily Hotel aptly points out, “...what I’ve learned [from] most of my background in luxury hotels is [that] a lot of luxury is about having the option; it doesn’t necessarily mean the guest needs to use it, they like to know that it’s there and can have it.” With a brand that's already synonymous with exceptional culinary experiences and comfort for travelers, the in-room coffee experience had to be a quality contender to meet the expectations of The Emily Hotel's guests. Payerli also underscores the strategic importance of this move, stating, “...I do know that if I want to increase my rates…I need to add value to the rooms and so that’s why I wanted to bring a coffee option into the rooms…” 


The Emily Hotel caters primarily to a distinctive blend of professional individual travelers and corporate groups, drawn to the bustling hub of the West Loop and Fulton Market area. With Google and other prominent offices in close proximity, the hotel's clientele is accustomed to a high-paced lifestyle, often involving quick travel and intense work commitments. As a result, they typically stay for an average of two nights, making it crucial for The Emily Hotel to create an immediate and lasting impression of luxury – a home away from home, but better.

For these seasoned travelers, convenience and simplicity are paramount. They require an in-room coffee solution that aligns with their fast-paced lifestyle. As Payerli describes, "...they’re seasoned travelers, they probably travel 200+ nights of the year. They just want something they can just roll with…they don’t want to sip coffee while they’re getting ready, they’ve [already] been up since 5 a.m." This vividly captures the essence of the hotel's guests and the importance of providing a seamless and energizing start to their day with a quality in-room coffee experience. 

The call for simplicity is what initially drew The Emily Hotel to consider Steeped for their in-room coffee option, “It's literally like a tea bag…I liked that aspect versus putting a $200 machine in the room with multiple buttons that people are trying to figure out, and then they break it, and then they have to calibrate it… it's just a little much." 

"I liked [Steeped]...versus putting a $200 machine in the room with multiple buttons that people are trying to figure out, and then they break it..."

In addition to convenience, Steeped delivered on the promise of incomparable taste, a crucial component of The Emily Hotel's luxury brand. The rich and flavorful brew created with Steeped’s premium beans resonated with the palates of their guests, reinforcing the hotel's reputation for culinary excellence.

Moreover, sustainability is a fundamental aspect of The Emily Hotel's identity, and Payerli understands that every little effort made on their part contributes to a healthier planet. When asked if sustainability was a factor in choosing an in-room coffee provider and what exactly set Steeped apart from the rest, Payeli remarked, “When we found out there wasn’t any plastic pods or anything like that, and they’re biodegradable bags, that was a big deal, you know?” These sentiments reflect the increasing importance that guests place on sustainability in their choices, echoing The Emily Hotel's commitment. As Payeli wisely noted, "Every little bit counts, I think." This recognition of the importance of small actions in the broader context of sustainability echoes the ethos that both The Emily Hotel and Steeped Coffee share.

The inherent convenience of Steeped Brew Bags,  combined with their overall quality and sustainability, made this decision a no-brainer for The Emily Hotel. Steeped was unquestionably the right choice to add in-room value for their guests. 


Steeped Coffee's introduction into The Emily Hotel's in-room offerings was a strategic move that perfectly aligned with the hotel's core brand values. When recalling the early days of implementing Steeped in their rooms, Payerli states, “I want to have a conversation with a guest about something that I have, not something I don't have. And I will tell you, the moment we put Steeped in our rooms, all those calls went away. It was like overnight, it was great.”

 "The moment we put Steeped in our rooms, all those calls went away...overnight. It was great."

Since implementing Steeped Coffee as their in-room coffee solution, the Emily Hotel has achieved remarkable success. Roughly 50% of their guests are using Steeped in their rooms, demonstrating the popularity and successful integration of this premium coffee option into their guest experience. The ease of use, exceptional quality, and sustainability align perfectly with the hotel's commitment to luxury and environmental responsibility.

By choosing Steeped, the Emily Hotel has not only met the expectations of their guests but also reinforced their position as a sustainable-focused and guest-centric establishment in the competitive Chicago hotel market. Steeped Coffee has become a key ingredient in creating a memorable and enjoyable stay for the hotel's guests, further solidifying the Emily Hotel's reputation for excellence.

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