Steeped Coffee x BLK & Bold

In the hospitality industry, there's an undeniable trend toward delivering authentic experiences that not only cater to guests' comfort but also resonate with their values. Today, we're shining the spotlight on a unique partnership that promises to elevate the in-room coffee experience while making a tangible difference in the world.

Introducing BLK & Bold's specialty coffees, brewed to perfection through Steeped's innovative method, set to redefine what hotel guests expect from their morning brew.

BLK & Bold Steeped Packs

BLK & Bold: A Legacy in Every Cup

Steeped Coffee is thrilled to collaborate with BLK & Bold, a specialty roasting venture conceived by lifelong friends, Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson. Their story isn't just about coffee. It's about community, mentorship, and positive change.

Hailing from Gary, Indiana—a hardworking city near Chicago—Pernell and Rod's bond was forged in childhood sports, after-school programs, and shared moments at the local Boys & Girls Club. Guided by influential role models, both dreamed of one day providing similar support and inspiration to others.

Years later, despite achieving individual career successes—Rod in fundraising and Pernell in sales—the duo felt a shared restlessness, a yearning to contribute more. And from this collective vision, BLK & Bold was born: a coffee roasting company that intertwined superior taste with a heartfelt mission.

From its humble beginnings in Pernell's garage, BLK & Bold has grown exponentially, transitioning to a sprawling 20,000-square-foot facility in Des Moines, Iowa. As the country's largest Black-owned, nationally-distributed coffee brand, BLK & Bold brews more than just coffee—it brews change, channeling 5% of profits to uplift underserved youth, echoing the founders' childhood experiences.

BLK & Bold x Steeped Coffee: A Match Brewed in Hospitality Heaven

Aligning with Steeped Coffee, a fellow B-Corp with similar values of purpose over profits, amplifies the impact both companies can make. The synergy promises not only to enchant hotel guests with a gourmet coffee experience but also to leave a lasting positive impression through their commitment to social and environmental betterment.

BLK & Bold's Co-Founder and CEO, Pernell Cezar, encapsulates the partnership's spirit: “With Steeped, we can extend BLK & Bold's rich flavors to more individuals nationwide, augmenting support to our nonprofit allies and simultaneously diminishing our ecological footprint.”

For hoteliers and hospitality professionals, offering BLK & Bold's Steeped Packs is more than just an amenity—it's an embodiment of a modern, conscious, and premium guest experience.

Discover the transformative potential of BLK & Bold Single-Serve Steeped Packs for your establishment.