Steeped Coffee launches campaign to support frontline healthcare workers during Covid-19

California-based Steeped Coffee has launched the “You Give, We Give” campaign to help fuel and lift the spirits of the frontline doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and first responders currently battling the Covid-19 crisis in California.

“You Give, We Give” invites people to gift Steeped Coffee Packs to those on the front lines, with Steeped matching all gifts, pack for pack, and providing free weekly deliveries directly to the hospitals, stations and clinics where they are needed most.

“We are always looking for ways Steeped can serve as a positive force for good. We were brainstorming ways to help when it dawned on us that Steeped Coffee could be a great option for the healthcare heroes working tirelessly around the clock to save lives,” said Josh Wilbur, founder and CEO of Steeped.

“People don’t want to use shared coffee pots right now, and those on the front lines don’t have time to make coffee runs during crazy long shifts. Sometimes a simple cup of great coffee can make a difference.”

Steeped Coffee is one of the only brewing methods that doesn’t require a machine, grinder, or special equipment to prepare premium coffee. Brewed similar to tea, Steeped Packs only need hot water to make a cup of barista approved coffee. Each pack contains hand roasted ground coffee that is nitro sealed for freshness in compostable packaging. The company’s proprietary brewing method bypasses any risks of using a communal coffee pot, which will be welcome news for anyone working on the front lines or in social spaces during this global crisis.

Steeped Coffee will kickstart “You Give, We Give” in the California Bay Area and the company hopes to expand giving efforts quickly by working with its national network of partnered roasters, some of which are already working on similar projects to help their local communities.

“There is no doubt we’ll never forget these times, but it’s what we do for others, even the small things, that will be remembered,” said Wilbur. “As a startup in these crazy times, Steeped is looking to do anything within reach to make a difference and encourage others to do the same. We’ve seen so many other selfless stories surface around the world that we know it will all add up to make a difference. We are in this together.”

In March 2020, Steeped also launched a “Stay Home, Stay Steeped” campaign to encourage customers to stay home by providing free home delivery on all coffee, cups, kettles and gear. This offer has been extended indefinitely as Steeped aims to help those adjusting to new rituals and routines while working from and staying at home.

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