Steeped to Perfection

Every detail matters with Steeped Coffee—from our Steeped Sustainable Packaging, Steeped Brewing Method, Proprietary Processes, Materials and Features, and company Ethos. Steeped, Inc. isn't just focused on providing convenient coffee, but providing Purpose Beyond Profits. Here are some details behind key Steeped, Inc. trademarks and features to highlight the meaning behind Steeped. Please find a list of word marks that represent our company and products. These marks are used in language, digital and physical materials, and they are used here on our commerce website to help explain and describe our products, company, and services.


  • Guilt-Free Packaging: made using renewable, compostable, recycled, recyclable, post-consumer, bio-based, and/or reduced weight materials. This innovative packaging holds our Steeped Method single serve coffee, other CPG products, and is being offered through our Fully Compostable, Guilt-Free Packaging, Fully Recyclable, and Fully Renewable trademarks that represent our company and products. 
  • Fully Compostable: Fully Compostable Packaging
  • Zero Landfill:  Zero Landfill Packaging, Zero Landfill Products, Zero Landfill Single Use, 0 Landfill, 0 Landfill Packaging, 0 Landfill Products, No Landfill Packaging, Landfill Free Packaging, Landfill Free Products, Zero Waste-Stream Packaging, 0 Waste-Stream Packaging, Zero Waste-Stream Products, Waste Stream Free, Zero Waste Packaging
  • Fully Recyclable:  Fully Recyclable Packaging, 100% Recyclable Packaging
  • Fully Renewable:  Fully Renewable Packaging, 100% Renewable Packaging
  • Steeped Bio-Based Packaging:  Bio-Based Packaging, 100% Bio-Based Packaging


  • Steeped Method: Steeped Brewing Method
  • Steeped Coffee: Steep Coffee, Steeped, Steep
  • A Simple Cup: Ready Cup, Easy Cup, Moment Coffee
  • Just + Water: Just Add Boiling Water
  • Single-Serve Coffee Bags: Steeped Single-Serve Coffee Bags, Single Serve Bags
  • SpecialTea Coffee



  • Steeped Coffee Pack: Steeped Pack, Coffee Pack
    • Steep Coffee Pack: Steep Pack, Coffee Pack
    • Steeped Coffee Packet: Steeped Packet, Coffee Packet
    • Steep Coffee Packet, Steep Packet, Coffee Packet
    • Steeped Pouch: Steeped Coffee Pouch, Coffee Pouch
    • Steep Pouch: Steep Coffee Pouch, Coffee Pouch
    • Steeped Coffee Brewer: Steeped Brewer, Brewer
    • Steep Coffee Brewer: Steep Brewer, Coffee Brewer, Brew Bag
    • Single Serve Coffee Pack: Single Serve Pack, Single Serve Coffee Packet, Single Serve Packet, Single Serve Coffee Pouch, Single Serve Pouch
    • Single Serve Coffee Brewer: Single Serve Brewer, Single Serve Coffee Bag, Single Serve Bag, Single Server Coffee Filter, Single Serve Filter
    • Single Serve Specialty Coffee: Specialty Coffee Pack, Specialty Coffee Packet, Specialty Coffee Pouch, Specialty Coffee Brewer, Specialty Coffee Bag, Specialty Coffee Filter
    • Single Cup Pouch: Single Cup Coffee Pack, Single Cup Pack, Single Cup Coffee Packet, Single Cup Packet, Single Cup Coffee Pouch, Single Cup Coffee Brewer, Single Cup Brewer, Single Cup Coffee Bag, Single Cup Bag, Single Cup Coffee Filter, Single Cup Filter
    • Single Cup Coffee: Single Use Coffee
    • Steeped Cup: Steeped Coffee Cup, S-Cup, S Cup
    • Single Use Coffee Pack, Single Use Pack, Single Use Coffee Packet, Single Use Packet, Single Use Coffee Pouch, Single Use Pouch, Single Use Coffee Brewer, Single Use Brewer, Single Use Coffee Bag, Single Use Bag, Single Use Coffee Filter, Single Use Filter, Single Use Coffee
    • Steeped Coffee Singles: Steeped Singles
    • Steep Coffee Singles: Steep Singles
    • Coffee Portables: On the Go Coffee, Journey Packs, Venture Packs
  • Steeped Coffee Bag: Steeped Bag, Steeped Bags
    • Steep Coffee Bag: Steep Bag, Steep Bags
    • Steeped Coffee Filter: Steeped Filter Bag, Steeped Filter
    • Steep Coffee Filter: Steep Filter Bag, Steep Filter
  • Nitro Sealed for Freshness: Nitrogen Sealed, Nitro Sealed
    • Nitrogen Flushed: Nitro Flushed, Nitro Flushed for Freshness
  • Full Immersion Filters: Steeped Full Immersion Filters, Full Immersion Brewing Method, Full Immersion Method
  • Precision Ground: Precision Grind, Precision Ground Coffee
  • Freshly Ground: Fresh Grind
  • No Machine Required: No Machines Required, Requires No Machine, Coffee Unplugged, Unplugged Coffee, Pod Free, No Pods Required
  • Don't Drink Your Grinds: Grind Free, No Instant, No Freeze Dried
  • Barista Approved: Coffee Snob Approved, Barista Endorsed



  • Coffee Without Compromise: Business Without Compromise
  • Purpose Beyond Profits
  • Convenience Meets Quality: Fourth Wave Coffee, 4th Wave Coffee, Fourth Wave
  • Take Your Moment: Steeped Moment, Steeped Coffee Moment, Moment Coffee, Coffee Moment
  • Coffee Simplified: A Simple Cup, Simple Cup
  • From Farm to Cup, And Beyond
  • Where Ever Life Takes You
  • Steeped to Perfection: Steeped In History, Specialty Steeped