Steeped In Mystery

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Coffee seems to be following a similar arc to that of technology. When computers first came out, they started down the path of getting twice as powerful and 10,000 times larger. But then the microchip happened and they started getting smaller. Soon we all had tiny little computers in our pockets that could also make phone calls (but really, just text me). Coffee is the same way. A boom in interest in brewing coffee happened, causing a big, countertop-sized explosion of equipment needed to brew a cup of coffee. But now, thanks to companies like Sudden Coffee, all you need to brew a cup of coffee can fit in your pocket.

And there’s a new player in the compact single-serve coffee world. They’re called Steeped Coffee, and as you may have figured out by the name, they offer single-serve coffee bags that you steep.

Steeped Coffee is a Santa Cruz, California-based company that is bringing specialty coffee to the world of tea bags. After grinding and dosing, each coffee bag gets sealed and nitro-flushed in an outer bag to ensure freshness over a longer period of time. And they are about as easy to use as it gets. Take out the inner coffee bag and plunk it in some hot water for four-plus minutes to taste.

And Steeped Coffee is environmentally friendly. All parts of the inner and outer bags are fully compostable, so no more K-Cups making their way to landfills.

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