Sip and Salute: Roaster Parter Feature with Dark Pool Coffee

Did you know supporting local veterans could be as easy as sipping your morning coffee? If you’re anything like us, coffee isn’t just a beverage – it’s an experience that awakens the senses and ignites the spirit. 

But what if your daily ritual could do more than satisfy your taste buds? Enter Dark Pool Coffee, a veteran-owned coffee company that blends the art of coffee with a powerful sense of community support. Dark Pool Coffee ensures that with every sip, you're not only indulging in the finest blends but also directly supporting our veterans. Let’s dive deeper into the story behind this exceptional company and their mission to celebrate and support our veterans with founders Jared Baesell, Joseph Smith, and Robert Smith.

Founders of Dark Pool Coffee


What inspired the creation of Dark Pool Coffee and how did your passion for coffee drive its inception?

The idea started back early in our military careers. We treasured our times overseas and enjoyed the small moments with close friends over coffee. Drinking coffee was a way of connecting and getting through the day. When we started Dark Pool, we set out to find the best coffee and roasters to create amazing and unique blends. We wanted to produce smooth, enjoyable coffee to help bridge memories. And as we expanded, we realized we wanted our coffee to fuel entrepreneurs and anyone who goes out on their own to create something, whether it’s a business or a non-profit helping communities.

What role does community play in Dark Pool Coffee's mission, and how does the company actively engage with local communities?

Community is huge part of our mission. We locally roast our coffee beans in Texas, allowing us to support businesses in the area. We're proud to partner with our roaster, who is also a veteran, creating a veteran-to-veteran support connection. Whenever possible, we work with local vendors in our community, prioritizing those owned and operated by veterans. 

Are there any testimonials you can share about the impact Dark Pool Coffee has had on veterans' lives?

The Dark Pool x Steeped Packs give us the opportunity to share specialty coffee, especially when time is limited. There aren’t many luxuries when you are deployed and great coffee can go along way. Close friends of ours deployed overseas told us how our coffee helps them get through the day. Recently, we sent out about 200 Steeped Packs to a deployed friend, and the entire team was extremely thankful to finally have some great coffee. 

As Dark Pool Coffee has experienced significant growth in the specialty coffee scene, could you talk about the company's vision for the future and any exciting plans or expansions on the horizon?

We're excited about expanding our reach across the globe and providing our coffee internationally. Additionally, we plan to introduce new blends and collaborate with other veteran-owned companies. We’re also exploring locations for our initial flagship store which will be one-of-a-kind in our area. We're keeping the details a secret for now, but stay tuned.

Sustainability and ethical practices are increasingly important in the specialty coffee industry. How does Dark Pool Coffee incorporate these values into its operations and make a positive impact on the environment and communities?

When creating any blend, we prioritize understanding the coffee's origin. We conduct thorough research, delving into the importers and the farms themselves. Our goal is to support small farmers and their communities, promoting sustainable practices to help protect the environment. We ensure complete transparency in the sourcing and transportation of our products, guaranteeing that we and our customers know exactly where and how the coffee reaches them.