Mr. Espresso x Steeped Cold Brew Butterscotch Latte

Hot take (or should we say cold take) of 2023 – it’s always cold brew season. This delicious Cold Brew Butterscotch Latte is smooth and rich and full of flavor. The foundation of this recipe is the timeless Mr. Espresso Seven Bridges Blend, available online at  Steeped Coffee. This balanced blend of Central and South American coffees sings with velvety notes of caramel and light smoke - making it the perfect base for this flavorful latte. 

Feel free to adapt this recipe to your needs! We recommend starting the night before so your cold brew can be ready the moment you wake up, but you can always adapt the recipe to make it in the moment or even enjoy it hot! If you’re a bit pressed on time, feel free to brew the coffee as you would a hot drink (though, we recommend using only about 4 oz of water for a stronger taste) and adding ice in when you’re ready! If you’re wanting a warm drink, skip the ice and get right to sipping.

Don’t forget to take your Steeped Moment and close your eyes on that first sip, imagining yourself amidst San Francisco’s fog-coated rolling hills and the iconic skyline. 



  • 1 Steeped Bag Mr. Espresso Seven Bridges 
  • 8 oz Water
  • ¼ cup Ice
  • 2 tbsp Butterscotch Sauce
  • 1/2 cup Milk (whole milk recommended)



  1. Follow the Cold Brew instructions on the back of your Mr. Espresso Steeped bag.
  2. Grab your favorite mug and scoop 2 tbsp of Butterscotch sauce into the mug. Add some to the walls of your mug for an extra treat! ¼ cup of ice into your mug. 
  3. Pour 4oz of your Mr. Espresso Steeped Cold Brew on top of the butterscotch, swirling it into the sauce. 
  4. Gently scoop ¼ cup of ice into your mixture and fill the remainder of your mug with whole milk, or milk of your choice!



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