Unbearably Delicious: When a Hungry Bear Stumbled Across Steeped

Our journey begins with a long-time Steeped member, Denise and her family embarking on a much-anticipated camping trip in Itasca State Park. They set up their tents with the promise of a night filled with starry skies, the soothing sounds of nature, and the comfort of family. Little did they know, this camping excursion would soon become an unforgettable adventure with a memorable guest!


Denise and her family were no strangers to camping and all the wildlife that comes with it; they made sure to clear their camp of any food or delicious-smelling items that would attract unwanted attention from the local creatures. In a quick turn of fate, Denise accidentally left behind a few surprises in her tent, including her beloved Steeped Packs, some instant coffee sticks, and a paperback novel. The items seemed to pique the curiosity of an unexpected guest – a black bear!

Attracted by the freshly ground scent of Steeped Packs, the bear couldn’t resist and ripped open its own personal entrance into Denise’s tent. The bear, it seems, had an impeccable taste for the finer things in life.  It left the overly-processed instant coffee sticks completely untouched and instead opted to eat the 100% specialty coffee in the Steeped Packs. Falling prey to stereotypes, this bear just couldn’t resist the honey and chocolate notes from our California Blend and BLK & Bold’s LIMU, Ethiopia Roast.

The paperback novel, too, bore the brunt of the bear's curiosity, as the cover also became a mid-campsite snack. It seems that bears are more like us than we think - just looking for a good book and a delicious cup of coffee to make our days brighter!

The now appropriately nicknamed “Caffeinated Bear" has quickly stolen the hearts of Denise, her family, and all the staffers here at Steeped! While our coffee is brewed for humans, we can now wholeheartedly say that even black bears know real quality when they come across it.

Denise's love for Steeped Coffee isn't just about great taste; it's also about the unmatched convenience it brings to her camping trips. With Steeped Packs, she can enjoy premium coffee without the need for any complicated equipment or brewing methods, a fact that even the "Caffeinated Bear" can appreciate. Quality meets convenience, making Steeped her ideal camping companion, even in the company of unexpected wildlife guests.

So, fellow adventurers, as you embark on your own camping journeys, remember Denise's story. Keep your Steeped Packs close – you never know when you might share a campsite with a bear who has impeccable taste!