Bring Your Own Coffee

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the_rogue_barista posted:

Super excited that I was able to try out this sample from @steepedcoffee ! They are based out of California and I first heard about them from one of my favorite coffee podcasts @catcloudcoffee ! So what makes this product so unique is that the coffee is Nitrogen flushed to retain freshness and it’s as easy as steeping tea! .
Now, some of you purists may nay say, however hear me out...because we have all been there where we are dying from caffeine withdrawal and the closest thing to caffeination is gas station coffee, no dis there, but certainly not the best either. What if You could bring your own portable specialty coffee with you on travels, camping or anywhere good easy coffee isn’t accessible!!! Well you can!!!! .
So how did it taste? I’m gonna be honest! I go into everything with skepticism, so I’m going to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I used my steeped bag with about 10 oz of 200 degree h2o and although the body upfront was lacking, as I approached the 4-5min recommended steep time the acidity and body started to come through. There was subtle notes of cocoa and ripe fruit, along with a mild stone fruit acidity. It’s certainly better than the worst pour overs I’ve had and definitely better than gas station or drive thru coffee. Im impressed and I think if you guys are open minded to new products, give them a follow and try them out! Thanks @steepedcoffee and @catcloudcoffee !!!!