Kickstarter Fulfillment Options

Learn more about your Kickstarter fulfillment options. Options include our standard checkout process and an alternative manual Kickstarter form that allows you to avoid our online checkout & subscription process. 

Kickstarter Reward Fulfillment Overview

First off, we can't say it enough, but thank you to our Kickstarter backers who supported us to kickoff this crazy project. We are so thankful for you and encouraged by your excitement. 

We are 100% committed to each and every member of our community. If anything comes up that you need help with, the best way to reach us is to email We are accommodating every single person who reaches out to us directly for support—as fast as we possibly can. 

We offered many different kinds of rewards and packages during our Steeped Coffee Kickstarter launch. Many of these rewards included single or multiple months of a subscription + other rewards and gear. Now that our campaign was successfully funded, we realized that the Kickstarter fulfillment process can be a daunting thing—often causing major delays, late delivery, misplaced orders, shipment to old addresses, inadequate tracking, and frustrated backers. We decided it was not feasible for us to try to manage so many aspects manually or typical through surveys—possibly adding months onto the fulfillment process.

The goal of our fulfillment process was simply to expedite orders, give customers full control of their coffee choices, allow backers to give current shipping info, allow our subscription customers a way to manage their accounts, and to streamline all of our systems in one place so it's all manageable.  

Having completed our successful Kickstarter, we instantly got to work to create a streamline online system that could use our backers emails to allow them to enter their current shipping address, choose the coffee blend they'd like from our options, and manage any ongoing rewards that included subscriptions. 

Our online store allows us to handle all these helpful details, but as we discovered has limitations with its ability to offer one-time reward codes in the way our shop required. The original plan was to include reward codes for any situation, but we had to instead adjust to give customers more control, communication, and customer service options. With our current system, backers are able to quickly receive their rewards, enter in the most updated mailing addresses, choose the coffee blend they would like to receive, and then checkout using their reward code for $0.00 and with free shipping. 

Once rewards are redeemed, a new customer account is automatically setup and emailed, so each person has the ability to manage any of their order details immediately. Orders including subscriptions can easily be canceled without effecting current orders. We have also created alternative fulfillment options upon request for customers who ask not to go through the standard checkout process, and our faithful customer service team is standing by to take care of anyone who reaches out. 

We have worked very hard, and non-stop, to make sure this process is the best it could be to serve our entire backer community well. We are taking every step to make sure every person’s needs are met, and we are committed to helping solve any challenges that come up. We love people and want everyone to be happy.

Please read below to discover the different options when deciding how you'd like to fulfill your Kickstarter order. You will be able to choose between our standard process and a manual process. 

How Subscription Rewards Work

Rewards including subscriptions give customers a set amount of packs of Steeped Coffee automatically delivered every 4 weeks, or on your schedule—no obligation, modify or cancel your subscription anytime. Manage your membership risk-free, change between coffee blends, update frequency, skip deliveries, or pause anytime. Adjustments can be made directly via your Customer Account or by simply contacting to quickly assist you. 

Standard Kickstarter Checkout Process

Our current standard checkout process is the fastest way to fulfill your order. You are able to go to the dedicated Kickstarter Reward page that you signed up for, choose a blend option from the dropdown, and checkout using your reward code with a total charge of $0.00 with free shipping. Because this is a standard online checkout process, and to accommodate for any ongoing orders, a credit card is still required even through the initial charge will be $0.00. Our website is completely secure and any ongoing subscriptions can be cancelled immediately—so you'll only get what you ordered, what you want, and nothing else.

If this process works for you, please to go Kickstarter Rewards and select your reward. Your reward code, link, and instructions have been previously emailed. Please use that email to process your reward.

Go to: Kickstart Reward Page →

Go to: Kickstarter Fulfillment Instructions Page

Go to: Subscription Management Page 

Manual Kickstarter Order Form

Most Steeped Coffee rewards come with subscriptions, which deliver every 4 weeks, and can be cancelled anytime through your customer account or by emailing us directly at if needed.

As an alternative to our standard checkout process, we've created a manual form for backers who wish to avoid entering in their credit card again, or who wish not to sign up with a subscription (even with the ability to cancel anytime).

The manual Kickstarter order form will not give you a Steeped Coffee account and all of its benefits. This alternative process has a minimum 3 day delay due to the typical processing that is involved with entering Kickstarter backer info, product options, shipping info, fulfillment, and manual processes. This option has also been added to the description of each item for easy access. Your reward will still be shipped at no cost and will be the same products shipped with our standard checkout process. If you'd like to setup a future subscription you'll need to go through the general store to sign up. 

Manual Kickstarter Order Form → 

Kickstarter Reward Support

Thanks again for being part of our launch! We are excited to get you your order on time and we hope you love your Steeped Coffee!

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Many thanks,
Steeped Support Team


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