Tasting Notes: Light Smokiness, Velvety Body, Caramel Finish

Nick Stellino Italian Coffee is a velvety bodied blend with depth and a complex, multilayer flavor dynamic. Oak roasted to perfection, this medium dark marvel carries a light smokiness with an exquisite caramel finish.

A Word From Nick Stellino

When I think of the perfect cup of coffee, I think of a moment in time. A moment when somehow time seems to slow down, and every instant passes with a smile. I abandon myself at that moment, and in my soul, I believe everything will be alright.

Slowly, in a series of vivid but evolving bursts of flavor, I connect with the various layers of flavor in each sip of coffee that I take. My cup of coffee is nectar that slows time, puts a smile on my face, and brings back a bit of my lost optimism.

All this in a cup of coffee? In this case, it is not just a cup of coffee I am sipping on. Instead, it is the result of the exceptional roasting skills of the famous Di Ruocco family. But the question remained: How can we make it taste like that by just brewing it in something that looks like a teabag, ready on-demand, one cup at the time?

Somehow by the will of God, all these elements came together without any planning of my own. Someone met someone at church, who talked to someone, who knew someone who knew me. "No way!” was my initial response when I was first approached. I went on with gusto, “No way this can be done!”

I was proven wrong. I enjoyed the taste so much, I had a unique blend created for me at the hand of Mr. Carlo Di Ruocco and his sons John and Luigi. They injected all of their passion and roasting skills into the making of this unique coffee blend.

Ron Scadina & Josh Wilbur (CEO) at Steeped Coffee brought us all together by sharing their own patented and innovative system, which we are using for this unique coffee brewing experience. One that matches flavor and convenience in each serving.

You will find your own moments in the day when all you need is a short little break, a quick reset, sipping on the perfect cup of coffee. I believe we can do that for you. Just add hot water, and in less than 30 seconds, you will have the best cup of coffee you have ever had in your home.

This coffee is not for gulping. It is to be tasted sip by sip and to be enjoyed with a smile on your face. Yes, we can help you with that too.

Give it a try! It is fun, and it tastes great!


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